• Deborah Imani

Raw food celebrities

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

Raw food enthusiasts include many people with whom you may be familiar. Many celebrities have realized that by eating raw foods, they feel and look younger, their weight is more controlled, and their body is stronger and healthier.

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock became well known to most Americans after the mega successful 2003 film “Super Size Me.” In the film, he documented his health as he spent 30 days eating only fast food from McDonalds. Spurlock managed to gain 25 pounds along with numerous ill side effects, including borderline impotence. Immediately after filming, Spurlock went on a raw food detox program prepared by his wife who is a raw food chef. Happily, his health improved immensely and he lost all of the extra weight.

Singers like Sting and David Bowie are raw foodists whom both have maintained healthy lifestyles. Singer Jason Mraz, who is recognized for his hit song “I’m Yours,” is a raw vegan who boasts that he is now more energized and healthy because of the diet. “Anything processed just doesn’t seem real,” Mraz said. Mraz also said that attractive women are often hanging out in natural food stores, which is an added bonus for him becoming a raw foodie.

Donna Karan, the women’s clothing designer, is also reaping the benefits of a raw food diet. At age 54, she lost 20 pounds by eating raw fruits and vegetables. She also ate nuts, grains and seeds, and says her secret is to eat what you want. “If I want chocolate cake, I have chocolate cake. If I want pizza and spaghetti, I eat pizza and spaghetti.” Those who follow the raw food diet have reported an increase in energy and an improvement in overall well being.

Carol Alt is an American supermodel and actress who posed nude in Playboy Magazine in 2008. “The only reason I look the way I do right now is because I changed my diet,” she said. “My body shows it.” She said that at age 45 she felt more healthy than when she was in her twenties. She revealed in an interview with PR.com senior editor Allison Kugel that both her father and brother died at young ages due to poor diet. She stated that if she knew then what she knows now about raw foods, she would have tried to help them. “I think about it every day.” She posted on her blog that raw foods work and could save your life.

Other celebrities like Demi Moore, Alicia Silverstone, Uma Thurman, Natalie Portman, Robin Williams, Lisa Bonet, Woody Harrelson, Charlie Trotter, Jack Lalanne, and Steve Jobs have found their lives and health improve by eating raw foods. Alicia Silverstone, best known for her role in Clueless and Batman & Robin, has been a raw foodist since 2007. She attributes her slim figure to eating raw fruits and vegetables. “There is nothing in the world that has changed me as much as this diet. I have so much more energy. It’s amazing,” she said. She has lately been working in theatrical productions and continues to be an avid animal activist.

Woody Harrelson is also an active raw vegan. By living in Hawaii, he says that organic farming and solar power dependence has helped him to realize that the foods he once thought to be safe and healthy, really were not. His family has also joined in on the food choices. “I felt like I had a lot more energy,” he said. When discussing his daughter, he said that he made a deal with her to avoid junk food until her fourth birthday.

Charlie Trotter is a chef and raw food enthusiast. He owns multiple high-quality restaurants and has written multiple cookbooks. He is often known for the food he makes, not the food he eats. Trotter supplies his restaurants with the same quality foods that he uses in his own domestic kitchen. “The taste of free-range and organic products is so much better than the alternative,” Trotter said. “It is also good to know that you are eating unadulterated food and supporting farmers and growers who are directly connected with the land.” When asked about the reason he chooses these foods, he says this: “I do not want guests walking out of the restaurant feeling as if they over-indulged because of excessive cream, butter, and alcohol. I want them to feel