Heart disease and cancer are the two leading causes of death in the United States and according to Health Magazine, the United States ranks ninth as the world’s fattest country. This data is extremely alarming. The common denominator for this tragedy is the Standard American Diet. The Standard American Diet or SAD consists of a plethora of processed meats and carbs, and just a small amount of plants, fruits and vegetables. This is not natural, healthy or logical. Thanks to our wonderful food industry and government, the foods are now laced with pesticides, hormones, chemicals, bioengineering and fructose which further add to our body’s detriment.  

The book will teach about healing foods for people suffering from chronic diseases and disorders. I introduce foods like energy soup and rejuvelac.

The book will include delicious recipes like pizza, spaghetti, smoothies, burgers, breads, soups, condiments and snacks just to name a few. I also include a chapter about the most frequently asked questions regarding raw foods. Questions like, what are enzymes and should only organic foods be consumed. I also graph a sprouting chart to show you how long to sprout each food and how much each food will yield once sprouted. Finally, I outline a four week meal plan to help you get started.

I decided to write this book because of the health benefits that I experienced, and felt it was my duty and obligation to share this wonderful information with the world.